Lotus seeds are very popular in East Asia and are used extensively in cooking and Chinese medicine. These seeds contain loads of nutrients and healing/anti-aging properties. Lotus seed contains a good source of protein, but are low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol which make them a great snack.
Tan Tan Cashews have a unique spicy aromatic flavor. Combining with the crunchiness of roasted cashews, consumers will enjoy a unique and delicious snacking experience. The product is packaged in convenient sizes to allow consumers to bring on the go or consume from home as snacks.
Tan Tan Wasabi Green Peas provide many nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and iron. Each pea is carefully covered with drops of wasabi, providing a unique spice along with a delicious taste and crunchiness. Tan Tan Green Peas is a perfect snack that provides satisfying taste, yet is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.
Tan Tan Peanuts are produced with modern technology.  Our products do not contain chemicals and preservatives to ensure health safety for consumers. We aim to provide consumers with delicious tasting snacks, made of all natural ingredients which are carefully selected, so that they can be enjoyed to the fullest with family and friends.